We gratefully thank everybody who has candidly participated in Dante's Inferno - Abandon All Hope short film.

Listed in order of appearance:

Speaks About

Dino Di Durante - Presenter (USA)
Vittorio Matteucci - Actor & Singer (Italy)
Jenn Gotzon - Actress (USA)
Lalo Cibelli - Actor & Singer (Italy)
Jeff Conaway - Actor (USA)
Gianmario Pagano - Priest & Playwriter (Italy)
Zan Calabretta - Actor (Canada)
Amy Lucas - Actress (USA)
Ken Unger - Pastor/Writer (USA)
Joyce Alexson - Joseph Campbell Foundation Elder (USA)
Diane Salinger - Actress (USA)
Vanna Bonta - Poet/Writer (USA)
Vincent Spano - Actor (USA)
Jsu Garcia - Actor (Cuba)
Petra Moos - Actress (Germany)
Leslie Garza - Actress (Mexico)
Patrick Kilpatrick - Actor (USA)
Stella Stevens - Actress (USA)
Heather Downey - Actress (USA)
Marty Kove - Actor (USA)
Paul Lynch - Film Director (USA)
Katie Ross - Actress, Nurse (USA)
Rob Simone - Talk Host/Writer (USA)
Sylvia Milu - Actress (USA)
Armand Mastroianni - Film Director (USA)
Nia Peeples - Actress (USA)

Beatrice and The Messenger of God

Virgil and Limbo
Circles Introduction
Charon, The Ferryman
Judge Minos & 2nd Circle - The Lustful
3rd Circle - The Gluttons
4th Circle - The Avaricious
5th Circle - The Wrathful
City of Dis Entrance - The Furies
6th Circle - The Heretics
7th Circle - The Violent
7th Circle - The Blasphemers
8th Circle - The Panderers & Seducers
8th Circle - The Hypocrites
8th Circle - The Evil Counselors
8th Circle - The Thieves(Introduction)
8th Circle - The Thieves
8th Circle - The Sowers of Discord
8th Circle - The Falsifiers (Introduction)
8th Circle - The Falsifiers
9th Circle - The Giants
9th Circle - The Traitors
9th Circle - Lucifer and Exit
Exit into Purgatorio




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