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Buy this DVD. Click here!Dante's Inferno - Abandon All Hope was screened privately in 2009, to VIP special guests and professionals that have been part of this film.

  • From Divine Comedy Professor:- Dennis Slattery: IThe images from Dore are spectacular. The music is dramatic without being overwhelming. I think each speaker says enough to get the imagination going. The visuals of the levels of hell is particularly striking. I assume your audience is folks who do not know the poem but will be attracted to it from this medium. Overall, Sandy and I enjoyed it immensely; she because she does not know the poem well and me because I do. So, onward my friend. I cannot wait to see the entire enchilada (feature version).
  • From Film Producer Dawn Dubriel: I loved it! Thank you for making this! It is going to be in universities and theaters everywhere! Congrats on your opus.

  • From featured speaker:- Armand Mastroianni: II think that film is ideal for anyone unfamiliar with the longer version.  It's to the point and specific. Excellent.

  • From featured musician -:Aldo De Tata: Complimenti, é bellissimo. Trasmette molte emozioni e coinvolge. Fa quasi venire da piangere. Stai facendo qualcosa di GRANDE.

  • From featured speaker:- Jenn Gotzon: Really wonderful job at creating "Dante's Inferno - Abandon All Hope." I found myself intrigued reading the sub-captions for the various languages and enjoyed it. The amount of content was well done. I enjoyed what everyone had to say and felt captivated by the content. EVERYONE did a really wonderful job and allowed for a great combination of dynamic. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous job!.

  • From film producer guest:- Greg Quinn: It looks really good, well done - very professional! This material is quite intense, and I'm sure that this film will do well in the fests (film festivals).

  • From featured speaker:- Amy Lucas: "Abandon All Hope" is a must have educational tool for scholars of all ages interested in Dante's poetic masterpiece "Inferno."  A succinct  account of an epic journey, this documentary is both interesting and revealing.
  • From featured:speaker - Vanna Bonta: The Gustave Dore illustrations lend the depth and epicness that the work deserves. GREAT!! I thought the opening narration is strong and compelling.
  • From Lory - a Special Fan: L'articolazione tra la musica,le immagini,il montaggio e gli speakers un enorme lavoro ed davvero ben fatto, bravo! Per realizzare un film cosi bisogna essere artisti nell'anima, non solo nella testa...e lei lo : artista nell'anima e nello spirito suo profondo. Nato per inventare, creare e stupire. Grande artista, Boris.... Il genio artistico abita da lei, Boris..oltre che da pochi altri al mondo. Old artistic soul.... Questo film si premia gi da per s: esistendo. Tutti gli attori sono bravi e seriamente impegnati, ben scelti. La musica di Aldo sublime, perfettamente montata alle immagini, e la chiusura all'organo profondamente emozionante, perfettamente adattata allo scorrere dei testi. Fantastica la ricchezza dei riferimenti! Grande lavoro!.



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